“Stewards of your forest resources”
4886 Chisholm Road
Florence, AL 35634
Telephone: (256) 765-0397 - FAX: (256) 765-0398
email: Billy.Rye@FMSForestry.com

Information You Need to Know about Forest Management Specialists, Inc.

Established June, 1996. Acquired Forest Management Services 8/30/1998

June 28, 2006

Our Mission is to assist landowners in accomplishing their forest management goals through consulting services that are professionally competent, prompt, efficient, customized to meet each landowner's specific needs, and designed to encourage the conservation of natural resources. Forest Management Specialists, Inc., also maintains the highest standards of honesty, trustworthiness, and courtesy in all of its business dealings.

Customers: Forest landowners, urban tree owners, and municipalities.

Market Area: The Mid-South region. Primarily Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

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