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Forestry Consulting Services

"Our clients receive an average of 56% more for their timber than they were able to obtain on their own."

Timber Sale Coordination
Forest Appraisals
Forest Management Plans
Care Programs for Absentee or Large Landowners

Other services as requested, including...
Tax treatment of forestland and forestry related income
Incorporation of forest management in estate planning

Timber Sale Coordination and Associated Services. Let FMS put our training and experience to work for you, to get the most for your standing timber. We are familiar with local harvesting conditions, markets, and buyers, and we can "level the playing field" when it comes to selling your timber. This knowledge has helped FMS to obtain prices up to three times what some landowners were able to obtain on their own.

FMS is also familiar with state and federal regulations that could impact forestry operations on your property and has all of the current licenses and registrations to legally assist with your timber sale. In an effort to avoid the potential for conflict of interest, FMS does not buy standing timber. Instead, we assist landowners by coordinating their timber sale and subsequent reforestation efforts. Click here for more details, and don't overlook the benefits of GPS Mapping.

Forest Appraisals. Whether it is for the establishment of a tax basis, timber theft cases, purchase of property, or for estate planning purposes, FMS will appraise the value of your timber. By using professionally accepted sampling methods and current market prices, FMS can help you to more accurately estimate the value of your forest resources. [return to top of page]

Forest Management Plans. FMS has a great deal of experience assisting landowners in meeting their multiple-use goals. We are familiar with current management techniques for timber production, wildlife habitat improvement, recreational opportunities, aesthetic enhancement, and real estate development. We are capable of making recommendations that will help you get the most from your forestland, both economically and environmentally! [return to top of page]

Care Programs. Today, many landowners do not live on the forestland that they own and are often unaware of the current condition of their property. For this reason, FMS offers to monitor the property of absentee landowners on a regularly scheduled basis. We can customize our monitoring services to meet the needs of individual landowners; however, this service usually includes: monitoring for timber trespass, signs of unauthorized hunting, signs of insect or disease damage, and illegal dumping. In addition, the general condition of roads, fences, gates, other man-made improvements, property lines, farmland, and forest resources are also checked. As an added benefit, we also offer a 10% discount on all of our other services for those under the Care Program! [return to top of page]

Other services as requested. Our company is a full-service forestry consulting firm, and we can customize our services to meet your needs. Some of the services that we have provided for landowners in the past include: tax treatment of forestland and timber related income, estate planning, expert witness, marking trees for thinning/protection, forest inventorying, forest investment analysis, diagnosis of forest pest problems, and many more. [return to top of page]

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