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Urban Forestry and Arboriculture Services

Municipal tree program development
Urban Forest Management Plans
Training (city departments, utility companies, tree care professionals, general public, etc.)
Grant preparation, submission, and administration
Public relations (media, one-to-one, etc.)
Municipal employment contracts

Specialized Services
Tree appraisals
Tree protection during construction
Other services as requested


Tree Program Development. In order to improve the effectiveness of your community's tree program, FMS can create or improve existing ordinances to reflect local goals, needs, and political situations. Typical ordinances prepared by FMS include those that establish a Tree Commission, orchestrate tree management, address landscape requirements for parking lots, and address the retention of trees during development. In addition, our company is willing to work with land-use planning efforts, to see that tree care concerns are incorporated. [return to top of page]
Urban Forest Management Plans. FMS can help prepare a blueprint for the success of your Community Tree Program. A management plan is an important tool that can help your community become more efficient in allocating its urban forest resources. Topics usually addressed include: assessment of current urban forest resources and program administration, interviews with local leaders and tree program managers to determine objectives for the Community Tree Program, and recommendation of program administration and specific urban forestry treatments. This is a must for communities just beginning a community tree program, or for those programs that need revitalization! [return to top of page]
Training. FMS can customize tree-care training sessions to meet your needs. Audiences generally include city departments, public utilities, tree care contractors, tree boards, and sometimes the general public. Examples of training held in the past include: care for newly planted trees, proper pruning techniques, modern tree care, care for mature trees, and pruning for utility line clearance. [return to top of page]
Grants. FMS can prepare applications and handle the administration of any urban forestry related grant. FMS has worked extensively with most state and federal urban forestry grants and we are very familiar with each program's reporting process and deadlines. This can be a great time saver for city employees for whom grant management can interfere with mandatory regular duties. We offer this service free of charge if the grant involves the use of our company. [return to top of page]
Public relations. Our company can serve as your representative in providing professional tree care information to the public. Services can be customized to meet your needs but they usually include: news releases on tree care or community tree program, explaining why high-visibility trees require removal or pruning in a certain way, encouraging the planting of the proper tree on each site, etc. These services can be used to contact many people at one time (mass media) or on a one-to-one basis. This type of service can be especially valuable to public utilities. [return to top of page]
Municipal employment contracts. This service is designed primarily for communities that have a need to employ a forester, yet don't quite have the funds for a full time forester. Under a modest retainer fee, Forest Management Specialists can offer its services at a greatly reduced rate.

Tree appraisal. Using the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers' formula, FMS can appraise your tree or group of trees. This can be especially useful for insurance claims, litigation, or property appraisals. [return to top of page]
Tree protection during construction. Using the latest in tree protection techniques, FMS can assist in the planning and implementation of tree protection during construction. This much-needed service can more than pay for itself, by increasing the opportunities for your best trees to survive and maintain their health and vigor. On similar lots where trees were not adequately protected during construction, a drop in value of 15% or more can result if trees do not survive. [return to top of page]
Other services. Thanks to the experience and training of our staff, FMS is willing to work on practically any forestry or tree related project. For services not listed above, just give us a call! [return to top of page]

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