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Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Mapping

Listed below are examples of the work completed by FMS, Inc., using our GPS mapping equipment and software. Contact us today to see how we can help provide your mapping solutions!

Mechanical Site Preparation. One FMS client contracted us to map a tract that had been mechanically site-prepared, to determine the accuracy of their visual acreage estimate. The clear-cut area was 140 acres, and the land manager, using a topographic map, estimated that 110 acres of the stand had been mechanically site-prepared. FMS mapped this area, using GPS, and found that the prepared area was actually 74.5 acres, saving the client approximately $10,700 on the costs of mechanical and chemical site preparation and planting. Needless to say, this client has since used FMS to GPS-map all of their site-prepared areas.
Property Boundaries. Some clients contracted with FMS to map and compare boundary lines along pre-existing fences or surveys. In the example shown, the surveyed corners were mapped and compared to an old fence.
Mapping for Chemical Site Preparation. In one of the most innovative GPS applications to date by FMS, a client desired to chemically site-prepare the ridgetops of the tract shown below, for tree planting. Due to the topography, the cost of installing flight/fire lanes would have been prohibitive; however, using the GPS system, FMS was able to lay out the spray area for approximately 1/8 of the cost of installing such lanes, and our map was successfully used by the herbicide applicator's helicopter operator to spray only the designated areas.
Tree-Planting Audit. Some FMS clients require audits of recent tree plantings, to verify compliance with planting standards. Mapping of audit plot locations precisely identifies plot-centers, should audit numbers be questioned or challenged.
Municipal Land Management. In an effort to organize mowing routes, a local municipality contracted FMS to GPS-map areas along ditches mowed by City crews. The maps generated by this project allowed administrators to organize routes to improve efficiency and reduce costs. The maps also provided valuable acreage data, allowing this City department to request more mowing equipment. The municipal leaders were so impressed by the usefulness of the information that they are now considering contracting FMS to GPS-map all of the alleys within the city for brush-control purposes.
Tree-Removals. One FMS client requested that we GPS-map the locations of trees scheduled for removal, to aid tree-care companies with their bid preparations. The data gathered by our GPS antenna was used to create an aerial map, to aid in preparing inspection routes, and aerial photographs to pinpoint the location of the trees to be removed.
Street Tree Inventory. As part of an overall Urban Forestry Management Plan, one of our clients requested a map of existing street tree locations. Combining the capabilities of the GPS and mapping software, FMS generated a map that distinguished the planting spaces from the existing trees. Potentially hazardous trees were also mapped, as an added bonus.
Landscape Plans. Mapping the exact location of existing and proposed features in a landscape plan is one of the more time-consuming aspects of landscape design. Landscape architects are highly-trained professionals whose time can be used much better than stretching a tape to triangulate the locations of features. One landscape architect, after contracting FMS to GPS-map the locations of certain features for a plan, was very enthusiastic about the professional appearance of the finished product, the speed of gathering and producing the map data, and the improvement in his cost effectiveness. He also found that the ArcView software used by FMS is compatible with the Computer Aided Design software used in his profession.

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