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Timber Sale Coodination
Click here for a list of timber sales currently open for bids.

We specialize in timber sales. While coordinating your timber sale, we will perform the following:

1 Estimate the volumes and values of the forest products on your property.
2 Determine the condition of your property boundary lines.
3 Contact prospective buyers.
4 Negotiate an acceptable price.
5 Prepare a contract that will protect you and your property.
6 Retain a performance bond from purchaser to ensure compliance.
7 Monitor harvesting operation to check for compliance with the contract.
8 Close the timber sale with a final compliance check.

In addition, for a small fee, FMS will arrange for the subsequent site preparation and reforestation of your property. Thanks to our knowledge of reputable forestry vendors, we are capable of finding the companies that will provide the best job at the lowest price. By using FMS to coordinate your timber sale, you can rest assured that your sale will maximize returns, comply with state and federal regulations, and meet your objectives.

Persons interested in selling or buying timber should contact the FMS office by telephone or email, as listed above. We will be happy to send you current information by mail or email, as appropriate. And be sure to ask how our GPS mapping services can benefit your forestry operations.

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